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Intelligent Lighting Products - iLP


iLP is your first touch point in Australia for the complete spectrum of intelligent and sustainable lighting solutions, providing end-to-end expertise, products and technical support for every commercial, industrial, or residential lighting challenge.

iLP equips you with the knowledge and practical understanding you need for effective installation, through structured training and education; whether you are an installation contractor, building owner, facility manager, architect or consultant engineer, you can work with iLP and Crompton Lighting for intelligent, energy efficient, high performance luminaires, devices and controls.

For every project our responsible lighting solutions are twofold: simple and sustainable.

We promote efficient and responsible lighting design choices through our iReady® logo.

These are luminaires that may feature an integral daylight or motion sensor, intelligent control gear, LED technology, and or a DALI emergency light kit. iReady® products also include intelligent control modules, devices, lighting management systems and other system network equipment such as DIGINET™ exit and emergency lighting iLP has created system levels that simplify your lighting design process by determining the level required to achieve your desired functionality and configuration.

We save you time and improve productivity for the short term, and we reduce your energy and maintenance costs for the long term iLP is the specialist technical support division for the major brands within the Gerard Lighting group, Australia’s largest and most respected lighting company.

As a registered member of associations such as DALI AG, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Lighting Council Australia and NECA, iLP works closely with local and international industry groups and associations, to consistently deliver world’s best practice in the responsible use of light and control.

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