Successful bathroom lighting blends function and style beautifully. Personal grooming requires quality task lighting, while the desire to create a personal retreat demands that ambient lighting radiates calm. Light layering is particularly important here and a carefully considered lighting plan will help you achieve it.

Ambient Light Layer

Suspend ceiling-mounted lights such as oysters, small pendants and chandeliers centrally to provide light for bathing, showering and moving about. 3 in 1 luminaires with integrated heating lamps and exhausts are an alternative. Downlights designed for wet areas can be positioned around a room’s perimeter.

Task Light Layer

Grooming tasks need wall-mounted luminaires on both sides of the mirror for even, shadow-free facial lighting. For larger, landscape-shaped mirrors, strip/horizontal wall-mounted luminaires placed above will more effective. Good task lighting is essential for tasks such as shaving and reading.

Accent Light Layer

Add a chandelier or pendant in the centre of the room to add character. Lighting under bench-tops and in storage nooks will enhance features such as splash backs. Under-cabinet lighting makes late night trips to the bathroom safer and easier.

Before you choose your bathroom lighting:


Consider if you need it to be waterproof

Explore the exciting new range of shower heads incorporating lighting

Understand where to position lighting above a mirror to avoid creating shadows

Think about updating your bathroom with spa and pamper pendant lights. It’s easy and effective.

Do you have children using the bathroom in the middle of night? You may need to consider sensor controlled lighting.