A relaxing retreat. A soothing oasis that’s all yours. With a quality lighting plan, your bedroom might just be your favorite room in the house.

Ambient Light Layer

Position downlights around the perimeter of the room. Suspend ceiling-mounted lights such as pendants and chandeliers centrally to provide adequate light for dressing and seeing into drawers. Close-to-ceiling luminaires like oysters or downlights in closets give good general light as well as being space saving.

Task Light Layer

Small pendant lights and wall-mounted luminaires positioned over the bedside table provide excellent lighting for bedside reading.

Accent Light Layer

A chandelier or pendant in the centre of the room adds style and character.

Bedroom Lighting

    Before you choose your bedroom lighting:


    If using bedside lamps, take care choosing the lampshade to avoid exposure to harsh light when lying in bed.

    If you’re hanging pendants for reading lights, place them above and behind the reader to prevent shadows.

    Adjustable lighting in the bedroom is particularly important. This allows you the flexibility to adjust lighting for reading, watching TV and the comfort of someone else.

    Consider installing lights in cupboards and wardrobes for convenience. No more searching in the dark!