You may want to illuminate your façade for aesthetics. Perhaps you want to highlight an architectural feature. Or your focus may be on safety and security, or a combination of them all. Whatever your aims, we have a wide range of clever lighting solutions to explore.

Ambient Light Layer

Install a centrally positioned, ceiling-mounted luminaire, like an oyster to the front door. Alternatively try a wall-mounted luminaire positioned adjacent to the door. For the garage, wall-mounted luminaires, such as bunkers, up/down lights and lanterns, positioned on either side of the garage door, makes for easy, safe access.

Task Light Layer

If you need to create an area for task lighting outdoors, add larger or more downlights. Spotlights and ceiling and wall-mounted luminaires will create the feeling of greater safety and security too.

Accent Light Layer

Draw focus towards architectural elements with downlights and wall-mounted luminaires.

Facade Lighting