Aug 14

All-season reasons to design good outdoor lighting

How to make the great outdoors even more inviting with lighting.

Here’s how to impress the in-laws on their next visit: A warm welcome at the front door. Simply let your entry lighting do the job for you. Why not add more street-appeal while you’re at it with directional lights to highlight your home’s best look from curbside? All possible with the latest outdoor lighting trends.


Understand your yard and garden lighting potential

Of course, you want to see your home in its best light from the moment you pull up the drive. Apart from that, there are at least four important reasons to light up your outdoor areas to maximise enjoyment, comfort and appeal.

  1. Security – Good outdoor security lighting is not only sensible; it can potentially lower the cost of your home insurance premiums. Many insurance companies now routinely ask you to add or document security lighting around your home. Of course, motion-sensors and automatic timers make a great addition to any outdoor lighting installation. Check out the fully adjustable Hornet LED Floodlight.

Crompton Hornet LED Floodlight for outdoors


  1. Entertaining – For a comfortable gathering no matter what time of year, the ideal light is a warmer colour temperature from low-level ambient light. Warm light makes any skin tone look more natural and creates softer shadows. Great for entertaining –likely because it reminds us of a flickering flame or cosy, campfire cook-out. Warm lighting from wall-fixtures like the Alisio LED Wall light works wonders even on hot tropical nights and certainly for cooler, coastal climes.


Aliso LED Wall light for creating a welcoming setting


  1. Street appeal – Are you putting the architectural features of your home in their best light? Use your finishes and colours to inspire your lighting. Textures like renders, timber and brick respond well to a ‘lantern effect’ from garden lighting from bollards or wall-mounts like the Bronte LED Wall Light. Recesses and eaves are ideal spots to tuck a spot- or floodlight to highlight an object –what they sometimes call 'Sentinel lighting'.


Bronte LED Wall Light for clean, modern design that radiates an exceptional 2-way light beam


  1. Comfort & safety – Path lighting is essential to see your way clear around the home or to the door (let alone bin night). And for dark and stormy nights, nothing can guide you more securely to the safe haven of your home. Posts and directional wall lights are an ideal solution. And look at the latest in subtle spills of light for steps and walkways with the LODOS LED Bricklight.

LODOS LED Bricklight to create subtle spill of light across steps and along pathways

The latest styles and designs in outdoor lighting now offer more energy-efficiency than ever before. With a range of halogen and LED floodlights and spotlights, you can achieve security and a style statement in a range of shapes and fittings. Good outdoor lighting needs to be waterproof and in many instances, adjustable is a wise option to change lighting direction.

Various types of outdoor lighting include:


Crompton Outdoor Lighting Range


Hot Tips: Landscape lighting made easy

As most architects will point out, there two basic principles at work for good outdoor lighting:

  1. Be more theatrical. Keep light levels lower in entertaining areas, and take advantage of focal points where you can brighten up or highlight a feature. There’s usually less need for Task Lighting outdoors (unless you’re minding the BBQ and need a good eye for a perfectly seared steak), so keep security spotlights and floodlights for the front or façade.
  2. Keep it cool with the right lighting. As you read in important reason #2 for Entertaining, a warmer tone of lights outside is more appealing for social scenes. But when it comes to façades or design statements, look for the Cool White lights of LED fixtures. Not only are they long lasting and energy efficient, but they also cast a cool, clean glow when the sun goes down.


Need inspiration?

Front of home: Use the Façade lighting Inspirations page link.
Entertaining areas: Use the Backyard Inspirations page link.
Whatever you need: outdoor lighting starts here at Crompton.

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