Aug 07

Layered lighting a hot trend –See how it's done

What’s all fuss about Light Layering?

Sounds like what you wear in Spring: light layering. But it’s not about throwing on a cardy. It’s knowing how to make the most with home lighting in any room for a layered effect of bright and dim light, direct and nuanced lighting. See what makes it so appealing with our quick tutorial on Layered Lighting.

Much like fashion –which is all about combining the right textures, colours and styles, home lighting creates the same layers to your rooms. And much like a comfortable urban space –let’s say a nice restaurant or modern club, lighting can steer your attention around the room to take in subtle details or dramatic effects. All up, it’s about pleasing the eye and making your space more comfortable. The good news: It’s not hard. Three specific lighting principles apply.

Same room, different effects

First impressions matter - and that's the lighting most rooms start with: Ambient lighting. Typically from overhead, ceiling mounted downlights or oysters, as an overall light source it should be inviting and comfortable.

Example of Ambient Lighting

Doing something specific? Food prep, most dining or reading require Task lighting. Good, bright directional light to illuminate the work space. It shouldn’t glare or flare yet be bright enough to highlight a specific area. Pendants, spotlights and track lights work well for task lighting.

Example of Task Lighting

Going for dramatic effect? You may be surprised how illuminating nooks and crannies or artwork or photo can do wonders for a room with Accent lighting. Like jewellery for your room, a perfect little shelf luminaire or hidden strip lighting can work wonders to set off the décor of your room.

Example of Accent Lighting


See our demonstration of how to transform a room with a tutorial on Light Layering

Prefer a video tutorial? Here's how a professional lighting designer from Expert Village walks you through every room in your home for great ideas on how to set up layered lights.

Have a go on the Crompton Inspire Me pages

Use our room-by-room demonstration of lighting layers at work. Simply scroll down and see the same room with different lighting effects. It’s the fastest way to appreciate the difference between a table lamp and a pendant, or a downlight from an embedded floor light. Here are some of our most popular rooms...

  • A great example of lighting up a traffic area is to add a recessed wall or floor lights. An excellent dramatic effect and safety-oriented, too, see it at work with Hallway lighting inspiration.


Example of Ambient Accent Lighting for Hallways


  • Be ready for theatre-quality tv viewing with low light levels and unobtrusive fixtures. Then crank up the entertainment factor and shine a light on friends and good times: all here at Living Room lighting inspiration.
  • Head to the bedroom retreat to rest, relax and enjoy your space with versatile light layering at different levels, all here at Bedroom lighting inspiration.
  • Bring out the cookbooks, tune into the Food Channel or set your tablet to the next amazing meal plan and make an event of it with the right lighting for tasks, talk and tastings. Get inspired by Kitchen lighting inspiration.
  • Last but not least, your bathroom can reflect more than your great image. Let it work its magic for pampering lighting: see Bathroom lighting inspiration.


See how the world works with layered lighting in home design

  • If you lived in London, get ideas for layering light from Pooky
  • New York interior designers show how light layering works five ways
  • California’s hot tips tell you how to easily give each room layers of light
  • Tokyo is impressive in home and commercial space outdoor lighting
  • Australia sets the stage with great tutorials in light layering by Crompton


Once you have the gist of it and scope out your rooms for where light layering works, be sure to explore the latest styles and designs in Crompton Feature Lighting.

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