Jul 31

4 ways your lighting can set the right mood

Mood swings can be fun! That is if you adjust your lighting to fit your frame of mind and activity. Any room in your home can reflect a mood and do more for your head space than you may have thought possible...

Task or relax?

That is the first question to answer when you plan for mood lighting. First look at the feeling you aim to get - the real vibe of the room. Then look at rooms in your home and make them more versatile, mostly by knowing how to set up Light Layering.

What's the vibe?

  • Bright & Cheerful – a good rule for kitchens and entry ways
  • Relaxed & Romantic – bedrooms, bathrooms and how about dining room?
  • Focus & Clarity – study, library, any dedicated workspace zone
  • Warm & Welcoming – entry, hallways and lounge room

Four important rooms in your home to set the mood

Look at your lighting sources. Downlights? Ceiling mounts? Why not make the switch to beautiful pendants to make a stylish statement in a range of materials. See the latest in Crompton Feature Lighting.

Now let's do a lighting tour of your home for ideas and inspiration...

  • Living Room lighting inspiration: Make it warm and welcoming from the moment you walk in with ambient lighting. Set the mood for entertaining with a roomful of friends or simply snuggled in front of the big screen with accent lighting. Catching up with the latest headlines? Get the right light for reading with task lighting to avoid eye strain.

(Living room with Accent Lighting)

  • Bedroom lighting inspiration: Yes, it is your sleep oasis, and it is also the perfect place to read (task lighting), catch up with conversations or screen time (ambient lighting) and rest, relax and enjoy your space with light levels you can dial down like accent lighting. Put a spotlight on a favourite photo or painting to accent it, and you are sure to smile whenever you walk by.

(Ambient and task lighting for bedroom)

  • Kitchen lighting inspiration: The hub of most homes, a kitchen can set a mood and inspire you to do great culinary things! Wherever you set the chopping board or read those pesky package instructions, be sure to have good light (task lighting). To enjoy a cuppa, surround yourself with calm light (ambient lighting). Moreover, to sneak in for a midnight snack, look at new ways to light the way with accent lightings like batten or strip lighting.

(Accent Lighting in Kitchen)

  • Bathroom lighting inspiration: From daybreak to bedtime, your first and last bathroom visits are quite different - so the lighting (or mood) should be different. Get personal grooming right in the best light. LED lamps are a great option for task lighting. For bath-time by candlelight, consider adding to the mood with a beautiful accent light. Moreover, for all else, look at options like pendants for great ambient lighting.

(Task and accent lighting for bathroom)


All up, any room in your home can set a mood and deliver a WOW factor. Moreover, remember, the more you brighten up your home, the more stimulating an environment it can be. However, don’t overdo it (or undervalue lighting) with old-fashioned fluoro tubes and high-watt incandescent globes. Today’s homes need smart, modern lighting treatments. It all starts here at Crompton.


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