Jul 19

Why Lighting Design is important in Australian homes

Get to know how lighting design can enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

1. The Lighting Trifecta

It’s all about Light Layering. Add dimension to how shadow and light can enhance your home and daily activities.

Ambient for Mood:​ Good overall illumination makes a room comfortable and inviting. Look at ceiling or wall-mounted lighting with downlights, pendants, oysters and batten-fixed lights.

Task for Purpose:​ Directed lighting for specific activities makes each home area more effective. Look at the rack lighting, spotlights, under-cabinet lighting.

Accent for Drama:​ Draw attention to certain features in each room (or outdoors) to play off light and shadow elements. Look at recessed batten lights, downlights, spotlights.

Lighting products are evolving quickly. Thanks to modern technology and a renewed interest in personal design statements. This is all part of the growing demand for good use of lighting design throughout your home. Download our guide: Light Layering Handbook.

2. Creating Zones

Within each room you can set the stage for different activities by defining or dividing the space with lighting design. You can also select from various types of light sources like LEDs, halogen, fluorescent or incandescent with globes or lamps to emit cool, warm or natural lighting tones.

Ideas for zones include:

  • Conversation area
  • Home theatre ambiance
  • Reading book
  • Photo gallery wall
  • Kitchen prep spotlights

3. Lifestyle Benefits

Ever since electricity usage became widespread in the early 20 th century, homes and workplaces saw great benefits. Both ‘lighting on demand’ and ‘lighting around the clock’ contributed to more productive days and nights. Our appreciation for lighting has changed since then. We take into account our comfort and efficiency including…

  • Health effects:​ Correct light intensity is important for reading and visual acuity. Lighting can affect moods and psychological states, as well.
  • Energy Savings:​ LED lights consume about 80% less power than incandescent. Dimmers and timers add to ongoing savings.
  • Environmental Advantages​: Significant energy-efficient lighting methods like LEDs and a new style of fluorescents reduce power needs along with SMART technology.
  • Décor synergy:​ Match lighting to your interior design with simple or extravagant statements. Meet lifestyle requirements with new safety and control features, too.

4. Personalised

Styling As much as your colour scheme and furnishings reflect your style and taste, your lighting is the best way to reflect all those personal decisions literally. Whether your home is modern and minimalist, coastal and breezy or intense and eclectic, the right lighting will add to your décor without adding clutter. Some popular lighting designs trending right now are:

  • Natural finishes​ in timber or woven fibres for a warm earthy touch as pendant lights.
  • Scandinavian styles​ for sleek, minimal design, perfect for accent or task lighting.
  • Industrial lighting​ or Urban design adds a retro or funky feel to living spaces.
  • Black & White accent lighting complements minimalist décor and design.

You can find examples of all of these lighting designs on our page at Crompton Trends.

Change your mind… change your lighting It’s easy to update the look and feel of any room in your home with our Room by Room Guide to Creative Lighting. Browse through the extensive selection of lighting ideas on the Crompton Inspire Me pages of our website and keep up with our Blogs for regular insights with a subscription request on our Wishlist


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