Jun 06

Dim without a DIMMER!

Why is everyone looking for a dimmable LED Solution?

Dimmable LED lamps(bulbs) are efficient, have longer life span and save energy with an addition of providing visual appearance and setting a mood for your space.

Can a light change the mood of your home environment and the trend you follow? You will be surprised with the kind of innovative products in the market that can add absolute sizzle to your home décor. However, first, let’s find out why the mood of your space is so important?


Lights On/Off Conundrum.

Understanding the mood of your space

You can test the mood of your space by an experiment that I like to call the “Horror Movie Test”. Imagine it is a  Sunday afternoon, and you decide to watch a horror movie.

To get a full horror movie experience you want to turn off the lights. However, you obviously don’t want the room to be pitch black, right? Well, you can, but you will not be able to complete the movie out of fear.

You still want to create the mood for a horror movie but you can’t have lights on or lights off. To solve this  you can always go for Dimmable LED solutions. You can now have lights bright enough so that you are not scared to death, but dim enough to enjoy the thrill.

With a dimmable LED lamp, you have the control to change the intensity of light to customise the brightness and mood of your environment. From 100% (being the brightest) to 10%(low intensity), you can cherish each mood you face on a given Sunday.

Let’s apply the Horror Movie test here to explain how the intensity of LED relates to your mood.


Do I need Extra Dimmers for a Dimmable LED Light?

Now you know how dimmable LED can affect the mood of your environment, the next question is, do you need a dimmer for a dimmable LED lamp? With the Crompton A60 9.2W SWITCH TO DIM, you do not need to pay a single cent on an extra dimmer, how good is that!

With Crompton A60, you can dim and brighten your light with just a flick of a switch.


How does Crompton A60 9.2W work?

All you need to do is continuously on-off your LED switch three times to select your desired intensity.

What’s more? Say goodbye to LED flickering.
One of the major cause of LED flickering is using incompatible dimmers with your new LED lamps. However, with Crompton A60 Switch to Dim, you do not have to face the problem of incompatible dimmers, hence avoiding the problem of flickering.

To know more about A60 9.2W Switch to Dim LED, CLICK HERE.

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