Mar 01

Gerard Lighting Relaunches Crompton

New Consumer Lighting Brand Lighting Up The Residential Market

Built on heritage, Crompton is modern aspiration meets accessible technology.

Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd, the company behind Australia’s most innovative and comprehensive group of lighting brands has today announced the launch of the new look and feel Crompton lighting range.

Leading the Australian residential lighting market, Crompton offers consumers, lighting designers and installers energy efficient LED innovations, with an exciting selection of residential lamps, interior and exterior lighting solutions.

The new Crompton Lighting range has been designed to enable functional, inspiring and beautiful living through lighting in all rooms of the home and outdoors. With the addition of the pendant lighting range in particular, Crompton offers a new degree of sophistication and style to residential lighting.

With over a century of lighting design experience, Crompton Lighting is reimagining the residential space. Drawing on this heritage, Crompton's newly developed range is designed specifically for the modern home owner, an audience who is passionate about lighting and the value it brings to the home.

"We are excited to bring the Crompton lighting range back, in this new, invigorated form. We have developed a market leading transformational brand and range of products that provides infinite possibilities in residential lighting," said John Procopiou, General Manager Consumer Segment, Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd.

"Creating space and feeling through light layering is a key differentiater for this brand. Ambient, task and accent lighting can lift any area in the home, whether that be the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or outdoor patio, lighting can make all the difference," continued Procopiou.

Available in 25 different stunning styles, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Crompton pendant lighting range. Boasting the latest styles and a sense of luxury, Crompton has designed pendant lighting for every room in the home.

Crompton's outdoor lighting range consists of eight styles which offer lighting solutions for exterior walls, inground and recessed into brick. As with the pendants, each style within the Crompton exterior range has been crafted for a particular purpose meaning no pathway, wall or step will be in darkness.

Exemplifying everyday trend and innovation, the Crompton Lighting range has something for everyone, with any style of home and is available throughout specialty lighting retailers and Bunnings stores nationally.

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