Oct 16

Hallway Lighting Ideas for Easy, Breezy Living

Make a grand entrance & flow with hallway lighting


Make a fine first impression with a well-lit entry to your home. No matter what your floor plan, whether a grand foyer or a terrace style hallway, entering your home should be light, bright and welcoming. See some inspiring ways to use brilliant fixtures to put your home in its best light from when you walk in...

How to make grand entrance?

Make a grand entrance & flow with hallway lighting

An inviting home says ‘Welcome” from the moment you open the door. Lighting is key. Make an entrance with well-placed lighting from the ceiling or along the wall, depending on how you want to define the space and highlight special features.

Go for a penultimate pendant or a restrained recessed light fixture. Either way, your entry can shine brightly and preview your home’s personality. Modern? Retro? Urban? Cottage? Those are some of your design options. Now let’s look at what fits.

Pendants make a statement. Hang ‘em low or hang ‘em high – entirely up to you and the lighting effect you want. Better still, go for a flow of a few matched pendants to walk you through a long, narrow space. Remember, you can usually turn one ceiling electrical point into several with your vision and the aid of a licensed.

Make a grand entrance & flow with hallway lighting


Downlights keep things simple: Recessed ceiling lighting is a modern, functional solution which suits most modern homes. Remember, they add light, not personality. So if you want a streamlined lighting solution to fit within clean, defined lines, go for downlights with energy efficient halogen or LED options.

Make a grand entrance & flow with hallway lighting


Think beyond the ceiling. For a modern touch, look for ways to light up walls or floors. Perfect for guiding you through a hallway with elegant flair along baseboards or stairways. Inset lighting, especially with LED fixtures, is cool, sophisticated and functional with metallic case finishes to add a nice understated design touch.


How to make hallways feel like they flow

They may feel like a simple way to get from one room to another but don’t ignore how important a hallway is to your home. Whether you’re finding your way to the bathroom or crossing the hall to check on the kids, make your hallway lights work the way you want them to work. Plan ahead to add some functional versatility.


Dimmers to the rescue

Add a dimmer switch to hallway light switch or, for a quick fix, use an instant dimmer globe –the latest innovation from Crompton Lighting. This versatile globe installs in almost any socket with a regular light switch to give you 3 Light Levels instantly. This LED A60 Switch to Dim lets you put a simple bayonet mount globe into your existing fixture and with 3 easy clicks adjust light levels from 10% to 50% to 100%. Amazing.

However, if you are looking for an affordable lighting control for your home, don’t forget to check out Diginet Sitara Lighting Control, a simple and affordable lighting control for every Australian home.


Cohesive, consistent, comfortable lighting

Hallway lighting needs to feel good, not a shock to the system. Look at your options and think what fits well in your home with the latest products at Crompton Lighting.


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