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Scandinavian interior design trends and lighting

Bring Northern Europe to your Home with Scandinavian Trend Lighting


For the Nordic countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, lifestyle has always been about the balance between warm and cold, light and dark, pretty and practical. The Scandinavian design reflects a natural evolution of how to best combine these ideas for cosy, comfortable living without many distractions.


The best of both worlds: purpose-built design

First and foremost, Scandinavian design is all about functional. It’s how they achieve the right combination or balance between real life needs and nice design aesthetics that makes their style so unique.

Far from stark, it’s more about simplicity. It’s about creating personal space that lets you switch off and enjoy a sanctuary of calm and comfort. This can extend to any room in your home. Keep things simple. And before you toss out your collections or invest in a whole new range of furnishings (or spend a Saturday at your local IKEA), have a look at our overview of key lighting trends, including Scandinavian.

Bring Northern Europe to your Home with Scandinavian Trend Lighting
Husk Pendant Interior Feature Lighting


Yes! Start going Scandi with lighting. Here’s how to add Scandinavian interior design features for a touch of Sven or Ingrid in your…

  • Kitchen: Pendant light groupings over a bench make a perfect partner for food preparation or entertaining Scandi-style (with smoked herring, no doubt) when you select feature lighting like our metallic look Brava pendants.
  • Living room: Look at the warm touch of wood and unique construction of our Bailey Pendant or the new Lunix Pendant to cast soft shadows yet provide bright directed yet ambient light.
  • Dining room: Keep conversations flowing with warm, intimate lighting like from our sleek Studio Pendant or a grouping of hanging Hatties.
  • Bedrooms: Consider a specific spotlight on a design feature or highlight a wall with a sleek, modern, versatile Barrel Head Track Light.
  • Bathrooms: Add a touch of sauna to your bathroom by fitting out many types of overhead fittings with an Infra Red Heat Lamp.


Scandinavian colour themes: where monochrome meets organic

You’ve seen Scandi-styled rooms in stark white and others with a warm glow –so which way to go? Look at how you’re using the room and how much natural light is available. Wall and floor colours are strong components, with a clean palate of white often the best starting point.

While Scandinavian design is often pictured in natural finishes and neutral colours, a good pairing of a Black & White theme works to achieve smooth, sleek, simple design lines. Yet a fun, fabulous colour that often comes up in Scandinavian interiors is brilliant blue – and we’ve got the perfect duck egg blue Mali Pendant.

Mail Pendant
Mail Pendant


How pendant lighting helps define Scandinavian design

  • Develop a theme with natural fibre textured pendants
  • Keep light directed to a specific area or focal point
  • Let pendants define soft, round shapes of your furnishings
  • Adjust pendant height for different lighting effects
  • Choose an accent colour like duck egg blue or keep a monochrome theme
  • Group or line up pendants for Scandi-style symmetry and balance

What other Crompton pendants are available for the Scandinavian trend?


Crompton Alana Pendant
Crompton Alana Pendant


Crompton Bailey Pendant
Crompton Bailey Pendant


Crompton Aspect pendant
Crompton Aspect pendant


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