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Living room lighting ideas to lounge in comfort

Living room lighting for four of the greatest latest looks

For today's interiors with open plan living, you can define zones and complement your furnishings with a variety of lighting styles. Forget the old fashioned table lamps from grandma’s house and go for an avant garde pendant or two plus the cool, clean look of downlights in your cabinets as well as ceilings.

Living room lighting for four of the greatest latest looks


From the moment you walk into your lounge room...

You get a mood. Bright lights say ‘Big City –what’s the buzz?’ –fine for a bold entry, prepared to take on some task or take-over. Warm, low-level lights say ‘Welcome home –time to chill and enjoy’ which should be your goal after a long day away.

Get to know more about the special effects you can achieve with Light Layering. Using the three keys to lighting – Task, Ambient and Accent – will help unlock the full design potential of your living room and let you see it in a new light. Lighting really does become a design feature with so many different styles to mix and match.


DO… See what you’re doing – eating – drinking!

DO… See what you’re doing – eating – drinking!

Caption: For entertaining keep light levels at a comfortable intensity and set off a special feature or setting with candlelight.  


DO… Complement natural light with different lighting styles

DO… Complement natural light with different lighting styles

Caption: Look at using ceiling and wall-mount fixtures for ambient and accent lighting throughout your living room in harmony with windows.


What's your style statement?

Give your lounge space a make-over with some quick changes to lighting to get a whole new look. Here are four top trends in interior styles where light fixtures add to the overall effect.

  1. Metallics and Urban Chic– Using industrial style lighting in wire or metal finishes instantly adds a bold panache to a lounge room. Contrast the stark feel with comfy retro-style overstuffed seating. Accent the look with wrought iron touches for table legs and standing lamps.

  2. Scandi-style – Short for Scandinavian, this is a sparse, minimalist design where spotlights and the right touch of pendants truly add a touch of Nordic charm without feeling barren or cold.  Bring in subtle light sources with a halogen Shelf Downlight to install on any surface or recessed wall space.

  3. Au natural – Timber, weaves and fabrics add easy-going appeal to a room, and our pendant lighting fixtures are available in a wide range of those styles for feature lighting. Select furnishings in soft neutral tones and add splashes of colour for charisma.

  4. Black & White – No, it doesn’t have to look like the finish line to the Indy 500, but Black & White living rooms DO need a touch of restraint to keep them elegant and sophisticated. In addition to your furnishings, add accent pieces like well framed prints and area rugs in bold designs to pull off the theme (without looking too Cruella DeVille) and add modern feature lighting.


Turn your living room into a cool, calm, cosy space to relax or entertain with the right lighting. Take a closer look at the four interior styles described here on our page of the latest design trends.


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Credits: Lounge room photo by Outsite Co, thanks to Unsplash.

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