Sep 29

Make your bedroom lighting inspiring

Bedroom lighting that adds Va-Va-Voom


Dawn to dark, you wake up…you turn in. Your bedroom sees it all. But, how do you see in your bedroom? Make more of each brand new day and turn in comfortably with lighting to suit. For your first and last experience each day or night, make the most of your bedroom (and guest bedrooms) with the right lighting to help your well-being and your décor.

Bedroom lighting that adds Va-Va-Voom


Good morning, sunshine

Greet the day from the moment you wake up to a room filled with light and promise. Daylight is the clear winner for a welcoming morning, but taking Aussie seasons and weather into account, good lighting is the next best thing.

More than décor, choosing the right lighting for bedrooms is important to ease into rest and relaxation and prepare for a better night’s sleep. In the morning, good lighting helps you wake up and feel energised –not to mention how much it matters when you’re picking out what to wear between navy blue or black.


Looking good…

First learn the basics of Light Layering –or how to incorporate the three essential light levels into a room for Tasks, Accents or Ambiance. General light for the ambient layer is usually best placed on or in the ceiling with downlights or oyster lights. Accent lighting adds a dramatic effect so look at focusing on a feature like a painting or photo grouping with a wall fixture or directional track light. For tasks like reading or preening, again bright directional light is essential so look at track light or a wide variety of pendants.

Here are some examples of each type of lighting matched to a Crompton solution that would look great in any bedroom. Note the DIY options where you can update any ceiling batten fitting with a great new look.


Feeling good…

Light globes or lamps have come a long way. See the world in a whole new globe when you try different light sources like LEDs, halogen or fluorescents. Play with Cool or Warm white light to see which you like better. These are lighting terms based on the Kelvin scale, denoted with a K. LED light is measured this way as…

  • Warm white is about 2700 to 3500K
  • Cool white is about 3500 to 4100K
  • Daylight comes in at about 5000 to 6500K


For decorative effects when you actually see the light globe in the fitting, check out our Crown Silver Head Mirror Lamps with an aluminium reflective coating to reflect light to the base of the lamp –an excellent effect for Hollywood-style lighting around mirrors or inside a wide pendant.

For dimmable light in three levels without installing a dimmer switch, make the switch to an LED Switch to Dim globe to fit most light fittings with a wall switch. With a simple click or double-click on your switch plate, go from 10% to 50% to 100% light level from a single globe.

CAPTION: Poly pendant is perfect to pair up for bedside lighting.


Remember, bedrooms really benefit from more than one light source so look at updating your interior with good feature lighting for bedtime reading or to add a splash of colour and design.


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