Sep 18

New Lighting Technology for your home

Lighting Technology for a bright, inviting home

What’s new in lighting technology? A lot. Remote control lighting, highly efficient, quality LED globes (or lamps), versatile outdoor and security lighting, designer-inspired lighting layers for the way you live –all add up to a bright new way to look at lighting in your home.


Live smart. Light smart.

Smart home connectivity is all the rage. Being able to operate your appliances, devices and fixtures --especially lighting by remote control helps create a home that’s more energy efficient, secure and satisfying.

Until now, sophisticated multi-way lighting control remained beyond the reach of the average Australian household…but not anymore. With Diginet Sitara™ Lighting Control, you can personalise the way you control your lighting with your finger tip. Home automation is pretty simple. 

Diginet Sitara Lighting Control System

Once you are set-up, you are ready to turn on/turn off your lights from your phone or another streaming device. See this helpful blog on Setting up your first Smart Home.


Stunning lighting for outdoors.

LED lighting has come a long way in its short history since its invention in the 1960s. Over the last ten years, the structural efficiency of LEDs has improved from 50-70% to over 90% today.[1] Plus LEDs emit a better, broader light range than when they were originally developed.

Technically, LEDs now use much higher quality LED die chips –the actual diode itself (thus Light Emitting Diode) – to produce a cleaner, brighter white light[2]. Without going through all the wavelength mumbo-jumbo to explain lighting technology, the outcome is a more efficient, more pleasing source of light. See our LED selection of LED lights (Select LED at Product Type) from our Crompton range of lamps.


Quality improvements to LED.

Extend your living space to the great outdoors while making your home more welcoming and secure. Light up your entry, deck or garden with modern lighting fixtures to showcase your home’s best features and add to your entertaining areas. 

Inspiration starts here with our helpful Outdoor Lighting Guide. Get ideas about how lighting can become part of your landscaping and security. For example, set off garden features like trees and plants with a spotlight or light up BBQ areas with both directional and ambient light.   For personal security, light up walkways, drives and entries for smart, simple, safe access at night.

You will find a variety of effects here at Exterior Lighting. A perfect example is the new Crompton Hornet LED Floodlight. With a slimline design in a black powder coated finish, this sleek modern LED can be installed under eaves to light all outdoor areas without being obtrusive. See all the features of the Hornet LED Floodlight.


New Crompton Hornet LED Floodlight


Versatile indoor lighting with dimmers.

Make a design statement in any room with fully adjustable lighting levels thanks to built-in dimmer functions. Our popular downlight, the Crompton LED D/Light 11W is ideal for ceiling lighting with two colour temperatures –with a rated average life of 35,000 hours.

There’s also a brand new LED globe to fit ceiling fittings or table, wall and floor lamps that allow lighting to increase or decrease from 10% to 100% without a dimmer switch! See more about the LED A60 Switch to Dim lamp.

Have a browse through all the latest lighting technology and available lighting solutions from Crompton.

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