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Pendant lights make a statement in your home

When to bring in pendant lights to make a home design statement

When to bring in pendant lights to make a home design statement
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Pendant lights can do it all! Versatile, practical and beautiful, they are the magic touch to transform any room. Whether you’re going for functional lighting or a pure aesthetic, a pendant light will complement another lighting in a room when you consider how you plan to use it: as Task, Ambient or Accent lighting. (See how this works with our quick tutorial on Light Layering.)


Understand the lighting potential of pendants

Get a warm glow to an entire room or shine a light on a particular area. First look at what you’re working with regarding other light sources. Big windows with natural daylight? Ceiling downlights? Under cabinet lights? A perfectly hung pendant will help fill any lighting gaps. Next look at how you plan to use it to decide how to hang.

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A good rule of thumb is to hang pendant lights higher or lower than the sight line of an average person standing nearby. The higher the light, the more ambient lighting results. The lower the light, the more task-oriented it is. Above a kitchen island bench, for example, look at a height about 75 to 90cm above the counter. When creating a group, let your design style rule. Go for contrasts in height or design or keep things linear. It’s all about what looks right to you.

The upside of downward pendant lighting

  • Aim light exactly where you want it
  • Change lighting intensity with different globes (lamps or bulbs)
  • Adjust pendant height for different lighting effects
  • Group or line up pendants to create a strong style statement
  • Add to a colour scheme with coordinating shades, inside and out
  • Accent any décor with cool materials like timber, glass and wire
  • Develop a theme with a consistent choice of pendants throughout

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What are some of the hot styles in pendant lighting?

You can find a pendant light style to suit any modern or classic interior. They make a great design feature and bring a valuable light function to any space.

  1. Scandinavian style – very much on-trend for modern pendant lighting, a variety of styles, materials and textures set the stage for a cool, clean Nordic-feel interior. Get a sense of how popular this look is with heaps of photos on Pinterest for Scandinavian lighting.
  2. Natural finishes – In wood, rattan or fabric weave, go for an earthy texture to achieve a coastal or cottage look. A beautiful addition to entryways and kitchens, the natural look matches any colour scheme. Look for contrasting hues or bring a splash of colour like with our duck egg blue Mali Pendant.
  3. Industrial chic – Metallic finishes or coated in black, there’s a unique design feel that’s edgy and urban with retro-inspired industrial lighting. Look to pair this style of the pendant with an LED candle lamp for a special effect.
  4. Black & White elegance – Sleek and chic, add a strong graphic statement to any space. A modern take on a classic shape with the slim Cubis Pendant or some elegant options with our Alpha Range – the choice is up to you

See pendant lights in all these styles on our page for Lighting Design Trends. You can even send us a link in the Message box when you send us an enquiry for your Crompton Wishlist.


Hot Tips: Looking for a lighting store near you? A variety of Crompton pendants and fixtures are available from most Bunnings Warehouse stores. See this Bunnings Blog on How to choose the right pendant.

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